We are an association of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Recognised Assaying & Hallmarking Centres all over india. This association is registered under the Societies Registration Act – XXI of 1860 and formed in the Year 2006. The registered office of the association is located in New Delhi and the present administrative office is located in new delhi.

AIM : The main aim of the association is to organize and support the hallmarking centres in their administrative, quality control, policy making, interests, logistics, day to day and such other operational areas and problems faced by them.

  • We are a member of the MTD 10 Precious Metals Sectional Committee. It is a technical committee of BIS comprising of renowned members of various fields of the country and dealing in the establishment, formulation and amendments of the various Indian Standards concerned to precious metals published by BIS.
  • We officially represent the entire hallmarking centres of the country whenever there is any meeting held by BIS, any government body or organisation and any stake holder association regarding policy making or any other reforms.
  • We lobby and negotiate on behalf of all the Hallmarking centres with BIS and all other Government agencies.
  • We also represent and guide any genuine grievances of individual centre in their cases regarding policies and procedures with the BIS.
  • We work to build up co-ordination, bonding and healthy competition among the hallmarking centres to form uniform administrative procedures with respect to customers.
  • We also take care of any queries of our members regarding their problems with any service providers, machine suppliers and vendors in our industry.
  • We organize zone wise events, summits and regular meetings to encourage all types of dialogue among the hallmarking centres.
  • We welcome any new ideas and suggestions regarding policy making, administrative or logistic procedures and share them with others.

Our Core Committee